Agent Cash Slots

When it comes to being the secret agent and taking over those cases, you want to make sure that you're on top of everything. This means being able to head out on all of the action and cash in on the winnings that follow. This is something that you're unable to do in many of the other agent-based slot machines. Good thing you came across this one.

Be sure to check out this 5 reel, 30 payline slot machine that has everything you need and much more when it comes to being the secret agent. These cash slots can provide everything that you need when it comes to getting the big wins and making sure that the jackpot is all yours when it comes to being the secret agent in the end.

Learn what it means to be the secret agent.

Those Sneaky Agent Symbols

When it comes to playing the game, you want to make sure that you know what those sneaky symbols are and what they mean while playing. Of course, the secret agent is one of them, the missile launcher, the bad guy, the sexy agent girl, the cool car and even the pistol is there when it comes to the coolest symbols for an awesome game.

The truck is the wild, which it says, so you will never have to guess what you're going to get next. The blonde girl is what is going to activate the free spins and bonus rounds while trying to get all of these together, you can be sure to cash out on a great payout in the end.

Bonus Rounds for Those That Want More Excitement

If you're looking for a little more fun and games, then you're going to want to land on the blonde girl, since she is the one that gives all of these out to play with. When she lands on the first, third or fifth reel, you can be sure that you're going to cash out on all that is offered. You can get up to 8 free spins, get a cash bonus or play a bonus game where you choose which case to go with.

There is a lot of excitement happening when you're an agent on a case. This is something worth thinking about when it comes to trying to crack the case that is going to make you the top of the agent class in the end. You shouldn't have any problems being able to win big on this slot machine and have a little fun at the same time.