Crazy Slots Casino Bonus Codes

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You may have noticed that online casinos ask you to implement their bonus codes to collect welcome bonuses, tournaments, promotions, and for making deposits. There are multiple Crazy Slots Casino Bonus Codes that you can utilize for just these purposes, and we would like to list them here so that you can use them immediately when you join Crazy Slot Casino.

Welcome Bonus Codes

At Crazy Slots Casino, there is a welcome bonus of $12,500 over the first 15 deposits as well as 4 free entries into the slot tournament of your choice.

Note: For deposits 2-15, deposit a minimum of $25 then immediately contact Customer Support with your Claim Code to have your bonus deposited to your account. You need to contact Customer Support within 48 hours after your deposit has been made to claim your bonus. In the event that 48 hours have passed since making your deposit, you will still be able to claim your bonus on your next deposit. You can only claim one bonus at a time.

Tournament Bonus Codes

  • Free Entry to Tournament of Your Choice #1 – Bonus Code ZY001
  • Free Entry to Tournament of Your Choice #2 – Bonus Code ZY001B
  • Free Entry to Tournament of Your Choice #3 – Bonus Code ZY001C
  • Free Entry to Tournament of Your Choice #4 – Bonus Code ZY001D

If you have any questions about the bonus or the Bonus Rules, contact Crazy Slots Casino 24 hour Customer Support staff by telephone or e-mail. If, after reading the Bonus Rules, you would rather play without the bonus, please their representatives to have the bonus removed from your account before you start playing.

Pre-Paid Gift Card Bonuses

Crazy Slots Casino is accepting the prepaid gift card as payment options for US players. Here are the bonus codes for this great payment method:

  • 1st Deposit ZY035
  • Additional Deposits ZY036

Join Crazy Slots Casino and take advantage of these incredible bonus codes so that you can receive all the bonuses offered.