Atomic Jackpot Slots

Feel the force of the Atom, with this crazy and fun slot game called Atomic Jackpot. The name says it all! Massive jackpots of epic proportions are waiting to be claimed. The game offers players a phenomenal casino roller coaster ride on 3-reels and with one pay line. With the power of a nuclear reactor, Atomic Jackpot promises much excitement, thrills and casino action. The game is themed around a mad professor and his experiments with the Atom! His secret laboratory is the setting where the wagering action takes place. Reminiscent of an enormous chemistry set in what seems to be some sort of a dungeon, the game is brilliantly structured and designed with rich and vibrant graphics. There must be a jackpot, and there most certainly is! Players are in with a chance to win the big one, which is a lucrative payout of $25,000!

Enter the Professor’s Lab

Once players start playing the game, the first thing they will notice is the spooky theme, full of eerie atmospherics and a haunting feeling of doom! What is the mad professor concocting in that lab? The reels are located in the middle of the room, with medical and scientific instruments abounding all around them. The background is the perfect setting for a slot game, and once the reels start spinning and the magic symbols start appearing on them, the race is on, and there is no turning back. Amid all this, the paytable stands proudly and clearly on the screen, so players can always see the combination wins. The game symbols and icons blend into the professor’s forsaken laboratory to create the perfect scene for wagering.

Symbols and Icons

There are not many game icons, but the ones present are impressive. Expect to see the dreaded Atom icon, the mad professor icon, sign and solution symbols. They are uniquely crafted and designed, and they appear on the reels frequently, since there are so few of them, which is a benefit in the long run, as they create more frequent payouts and wins. The retro-looking machinery is chugging away behind the reels, and the setting is set for the betting, explained here below.

Choice of Bets and Jackpot Payout

The betting process is centred around the 3-reels and the one pay line. They combine with the different coin sizes to serve up the wagering options. The coin sizes are as follows; $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $5.00, and up to $10.00. Up to five coins can be put on the pay line, thereby creating a top bet of $50. The minimum is just 10 cents, betting only one coin. The variety and range will attract both novices and high rollers. True, there are slots with much higher top limits, but not ones that pay out as frequently as this one, which justifies the $50 upper betting ceiling. The controls of the game are located on the screen, with easy access. The buttons are self-explanatory and include the useful AutoPlay button. It allows players to set a fixed amount of automatic spins, while the player can sit Back and relax. It is particularly useful when betting the minimum amount. It will, of course, stop once a winning payout is registered. The reels can be halted before they stop naturally, by using the Stop button.


Atomic Jackpot packs a solid punch and a powerful image. The game has an old-fashioned look, yet technically perfect gameplay. The traditional elements players love about slot machines are present within the game, and the wagering process is easy to control and enjoyable to experience. The symbols, although there are only four of them, create a sensation and colour the screen with humour and animations. The most impressive point about Atomic Jackpot is, in fact, the jackpot. If players bet the maximum amount of coins and highest coin value, there is a more significant chance of winning the top payout of $25,000! The classic features, the retro style of the laboratory backdrop and the smooth wagering process mean that Atomic Jackpot is up there with the best 3-reel slots out there, and supersedes the majority of them when it comes to atmospheric gaming with a straightforward approach. Enjoy the professor’s Atomic Jackpot, and win the ultimate prize!