California Gold Slots

California Gold slots has many features that help you strike it rich. From free spins to an interactive bonus game, you'll find the game is as fun to play as it is rewarding. Join the crazy miner as he looks for veins full of gold deep down in the mines.

To play, you set your coin value as high as $5. There are 20 pay lines in all, and you'll want to activate them all to have the best chance of winning something with each spin.

Win up to 5,000 Coins in the Base Game

The bad guy pays up to 5,000x in the base game. The mine shaft pays up to 500. Both of these only need two matches before you gain a prize. Others require three or more matching symbols. They include the donkey and cart that are worth 15 to 200x. The pan, map, lantern, and dynamite pay up to 150. Finally, the ax and barrel pay up to 100x.

There is a wild miner who replaces other symbols to help turn a near miss into a winning combination. When he does, your winnings double. The 5,000x prize could turn into a stunning 10,000x win.

How to Trigger the Two Bonus Features

Start with the wild miner. If he appears on the second, third, and fourth row at the same time, you get to play the Mad Miner bonus game. In this game, you pick one of four mines to explore. As the crazy miner rides down the rails, he'll grab gold nuggets. You want him to pick the large nuggets because the weight of the gold at the end determines your prize.

When the reels stop and reveal at least three gold nuggets, you win 10 free spins. All free spins come with a 3x multiplier, so you can win up to 15,000x with five bad guys in this bonus feature.

Are you ready to strike it rich? Head to leading casinos and play the game online or download the casino's free software. You'll be ready to play in minutes. With California Gold slots, it takes little effort before you're raking in a mother lode.