Does the English Harbour Slot Have Enough to Tempt You?

Note the spelling of this game, which is right for an English-themed slot. Mind you, there are few signs of the country here, since the game is basic in terms of the appearance and style.

In fact, if you like your slot games stripped down to the basics, this could be good for you to try. It also has the minimum number of paylines you will see on a game with this number of reels.

Reels and paylines

For a game with five reels, you would expect to find more than five paylines. However, that is the deal here, so you must decide whether it offers enough for you.

Betting options available for English Harbour

This slot comes from the Wager Gaming Technology harbor, so to speak, and thus offers a minimum coin amount of one cent. This is quite common in their games and does give you a chance to play most of their slots as penny slots. It means you can play per spin for just five cents a time.

The upper end is reached with a $10 coin, which means a total bet of $50 is possible.

Does the game have special symbols in action?

Well, you don't have any A, Q and K-type symbols here, which is refreshing, but that's as far as it goes. The best payers come in the shape of a plane that can also land on water, which is worth 5,000 coins for five on one of the lines. If you manage to get three of the English Harbour logos on one line, you will win the top prize available of 10,000 coins. This would be a $100,000 jackpot if you had played $10 on that lucky line. The odds are long on hitting this, of course, but it's the best feature in the game.

Can you find a bonus feature?

If you are expecting a bonus feature, you will be disappointed. Additionally, there is no wild here and no scatter to look for either. This is as basic as any slot could ever get.

Download and play English Harbour today!

So, we know English Harbour is very basic and lacks any proper features that would help you towards bigger wins. For a five-reel game, it is probably the most basic one we have seen. Does this slimline game suit you? Give it a try and see how it works out.