Lucky Lagoon Slots

Dare to enter the magical lagoon of fortune and riches. The Lucky Lagoon hides secret treasure within, and players have 5-reels and five pay lines at their disposal for wagering. The mystical theme shrouds the reels and gameplay, creating an excellent atmosphere that is relaxing during wagering. Several originally themed symbols turn up on the reels during the game. They add colour and life to the game, contributing much to the overall effect of the game. The Sea theme is replete with classic slot symbols that enrich the traditional impact and style. The graphics are exceptional and the wagering process satisfyingly gratifying, and suitable to most player’s bankrolls. Let’s enter the crystal blue waters of the Lucky Lagoon and go for gold!

Lagoon Symbols of Luck

Players are in for a treat once they catch a glimpse of the creative symbols that populate the reels. They are a diverse bunch, yet all connected with the overall theme. Expect to find an Anchor, a majestic Butterfly, a Casino Logo, a Dolphin, some Palm Trees, a daring Surfer, and a monstrous Whale. They all blend beautifully to create a winning combination. The game has a wonderful lagoon-based, Wheel of Fortune, that mixes casino thrills with an enchanting background. The game pays out pretty frequently, possibly due to the limited number of symbols, which works in players’ favour.

Wagering and Winning in the Lagoon

Multiple betting options are on offer playing Lucky Lagoon. The variety is mainly due to the game set up. The 5-reels and five pay lines are joined by the coin sizes to create the wagering options. While the coin sizes commence at just 1 cent, they rise incrementally to create a comprehensive choice of bets. The other coin sizes are; $0.05, $0.25, $2.00, $5.00, and $10.00 is the maximum coin value. The maximum bet allows a rather substantial $50 per spin. The wagering can be controlled accurately by using the specially designated game buttons. They are located on the screen for easy and swift access. The pay lines are variable, which means players can bet on any number of them. Nevertheless, betting the maximum coin value on all the five pay lines attracts better probabilities of winning a hefty payout. The range of betting options would be of interest to all kinds of players, whatever their bankrolls.

Logo Jackpot Symbol

The magic symbol of Lucky Lagoon is the Casino Logo symbol. Hope that it pops up as it will herald some fantastic payouts. So much so, that betting on all the reels, with a top coin value, wins a payout of 10,000 coins, worth up to $100,000! Now that’s a jackpot! The jackpot can only be activated if players bet on all the five pay lines. Even a bet of 5 cents, consisting of five 1 cent coins will win a modest jackpot payout in range with the bet amount. With the absence of any other unique casino features, the jackpot takes on greater significance and increased importance. If the game is played for a while, it will become evident that Lucky Lagoon does not need any additional special features to boost it up, it delivers on its own steam.

Summary of the Game

Lucky Lagoon is a straightforward and simple game to play and is all the better for it. The theme is traditional and fits the game beautifully, as do the symbols. The great excitement comes from the jackpot. Landing the magic jackpot activating symbol can be a real life-changer with a $100,000 bonanza payout on offer. The wagering is easily controlled by using the intuitive game buttons, and the wagering process is equally impressive. All in all, Lucky Lagoon is a satisfying 5-reel slot gaming experience, utterly different from the usual feature loaded slots are being released in large quantities. By keeping the wagering smooth, Lucky Lagoon delivers a wonderful gaming experience with a reasonably high betting limit of $50 per spin. Try out this uncomplicated and enjoyable slot and go for the magic jackpot!