Mine all Mine Slots

The Mines hide a rare treasure consisting of gold, gemstones, precious metals, incredible jewels and they are all ‘Mine’, or rather; yours! The deeper down the mines, the richer the picking and more impressive the findings. The ammunition and tools needed are the 5-reels and all of 25 pay lines, and this is where the battle is waged, and the winnings are thick and plentiful. With an old-time, old-fashioned mining theme that inspires and impressed in equal measures. The wagering is a fine system and works well by creating a wide choice of wagering options. This exceptional video slot has three progressive jackpots to up the tempo considerably. The game has a mobile version to stand alongside the PC version, and it works smoothly and beautifully. Let’s take a look down the deep mines of treasure, riches and fortune, shall we?

Wagering in the Mine

With all of 25 pay lines to wager upon, players have a broad choice of coin values. They start off at a penny value of $0.01, and rise but by bit, value by value like so; $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $2.00. The highest coin value is a substantial $5.00 per coin. That’s not all, and players are permitted to place up to five coins on each pay line; this creates an incredible and extremely high upper limit of $625 per spin! High rollers will hardly find a slot with a more impressive upper betting limit. Novices can, of course, bet the minimum coin values and amounts on the reels, so everyone wins! Placing at least one coin, of whichever value on all the reels increases the chances of a winning a high payout, and betting all five coins increases the probabilities of winning one of the three built-in progressive jackpots.

Symbols & Payouts

The symbols are a motley bunch of mining-related objects. They include; a Donkey, a valuable Gold Nugget, a miner’s Lantern, a Miner, and a Mining Cart. Bringing up the rear there are numbers nine and ten, as well as the Jack, Queen, King, and Ace cards. They all blend in with the exceptional theme to create a winning combination. The Golden Nugget is the powerful Wild symbol, and the Scatter is represented by the Miner icon. The Scatter activates the bonus round if three or more end up on the reels. The Wild has the unique powers to replace standard game icons to configure winning combinations leading to high payouts.

Mine All Mine Progressive Jackpots

Mine All Mine Slots is equipped with three progressive jackpots, which are the pride of the unique features. There is the Bronze, Silver as well as Gold Jackpots, each with varying pot values. Each of them expands as players wager on the game, and they can inflate to astronomical figures! All three can be activated with the progressive jackpot feature, and betting maximum coins on all the pay lines helps to enable it and increases the probabilities of winning any one of them. Once the player is taken to the progressive jackpot feature, a lever needs to be chosen, and it will send a mining card rumbling down the rail tracks. If the right track is selected, it transports players to one of the progressive jackpots. If players are betting low, the Bronze progressive jackpot is activated. If the player is betting high, the Gold Jackpot is triggered.

Mobile Madness in the Mine

Mine all Mine can be enjoyed using a mobile device of players’ choice. Whether a tablet or smartphone, iOS, Android or Windows version, the game works wonderfully and projects all the beauty and majesty of the graphics. There is the option of playing Mine all Mine Slots in downloadable form or Instant Play. The latter allows players to access and play the game quickly and conveniently.


Mine all Mine Slots is an instant classic. The game has all the attributes that players love. Action, excitement and casino features. The all combine with the exceptional theme and wagering process. The upper limit is one of the highest to be found on any slot game at $625 a spin, for those brave enough to bet so high. Victory favours the brave, and a progressive jackpot victory could quickly make up for the investment. The symbols are interestingly designed to provide an extra touch of style, and the three progressive jackpots are a real plus. Factor in the mobile version and the game is complete in every respect. The only way to understand that is to try out Mine all Mine Slots. Whether the upper limit, the penny wagering, or anything in between, Mine all Mine Slots offers a near perfect slot gaming experience that hits the nail right on the head!