Pay Day Slots

Pay Day is a lovely slot with 3-reels and one pay line, in keeping with traditional slot machines of yesteryear. The game has really stood the test of time, and is still as popular today, as it was when it was released. The principles of enjoyable casino slot gaming are here on all its heavenly glory! The game does away with special features and is a pure and classic slot game. The casino action comes solely from the glorious symbols appearing on the reels in winning combinations. That is more than enough, and the game pays out regularly and frequently, creating a superb gaming experience. The theme includes a man on the screen, with gold coins raining down upon his head like raindrops; a strong impression that is solidified by the bright and functional reels set at the centre of the screen. The game buttons are located just below the reels and can be accessed with ease and comfort.

Betting Options and Payouts

The whole wagering process is clear-cut and straightforward, uncluttered by complicates systems or methods. The 3-reels and one pay line are where the wagering action takes place. The coin sizes, which are varied, provide the sparkle and excitement. Coin sizes start out from a low 10 cents. They increase gradually, moving up to $0.50 a coin. Other values include; $1.00, $5.00, and a high top coin value of $10.00. Three coins may be wagered on the pay line, thereby creating a maximum bet of $30 a spin. The buttons control the betting on the screen, which is straightforward to understand and the whole game is extraordinarily intuitive and clearly laid out. For players with a small bankroll, the minimum bet will allow a small amount to go a long way, possibly even further if a payout is won!

Logo High Jackpot

The maximum payout the game offers is a high 2,500 coin jackpot, which is achieved by landing all three of the Game Logo icons on the reels. If players bet the maximum coin value, along with placing three of the coins on the pay line, the probabilities of winning the jackpot increase. The maximum coin value will pay out $25,000! With lower coin values, the jackpot can still be activated as long as three coins are wagered. Betting one, or two coins will win a percentage of the full jackpot amount, which is reserved for players betting all three coins on the pay line.

Classic Trio of Symbols

There are just three symbols that grace the reels as they spin to victory. The Pay Day Game Logo is the Wild, as it doubles any win it forms part of in a line. If two turn up at the same time, the winning payout comes with a 4x multiplier. Land all three Wilds, and the jackpot is yours! The payout is a lucrative 2,500 coins, that could be worth up to $75,000 if three coins are wagered. One coin wins $25,000, and a two coin bet gains a $50,000 payout. The other game symbols are the classic Bars, with single, double and triple Bar all making an appearance. The other lucky symbol is the iconic Seven.


Pay Day Slots captures the essential elements that were prevalent in slots of the past, successfully creating this classic game. The wagering goes up to a rather high $30 per spin, which is not that low, and the minimum penny wagering is welcome for novices. The limited symbols are classic ones, which appear fairly frequently on the reels, thereby creating wins more often. The jackpot payout is pretty high for a game of this sort, making it an exciting prospect for gamers everywhere. The gameplay is precise, and the casino action is concentrated on the right symbol combination on the reels. The Wild is a basic one, with a multiplier, besides being the highest paying symbol of the game, and consequently the most desired one. The game flows beautifully and gracefully along as the reels spin, and the traditional layout is impressive in its simplicity. Try out a more mellow slot that is Pay Day, and it might just prove to be a jackpot Pay Day!