Swept Away Slots

A sea-themed slot, Swept Away is a smooth and mellow 3-reel slot with an only pay line. It manages to create an exceptional theme based on the sea and a desert island. The symbols are integrated into the theme flawlessly and lend style and atmospherics to the flow of the game. The game pays out a high top payment of 4,000 coins worth a possible $40,000! The wagering process is kept straightforward with just the one pay line, yet up to three coins can be placed upon it, creating an acceptable top bet limit. The game layout is a classic one with the reels at the centre and forefront, with the sea-based theme in the background. The game buttons are conveniently located at the base of the screen, beneath the reels. They are self-explanatory and intuitive to use, which the inclusion of an AutoPlay button that allows the setting of an automatic number of spins. So let's set out to sea in a rubber dingy and send out an SOS. Maybe we’ll get rescued and claim the jackpot at the same time.

Wagering on a Desert Island

Swept Away Slots serves up a thoroughly intuitive wagering system which facilitates and simplified betting. Several coin values increase the betting options. The coin sizes start out from just $0.01, rising incrementally up to a high of $10 per coin. By placing three coins on the pay line, a top wager limit of $30 per spin is available. So that means the betting ranges from 1 cent, up to $30 per spins. Although the ceiling is not as high as other slots, nonetheless, high rollers should be attracted due to the more frequent payouts. Novices can play for hours on a tiny bankroll and still enjoy the full action and wagering excitement.

Symbols & Wild

Swept Away does have an exceptional, unique feature in the Wild, represented herein by the Swept Away Game Logo. Landing this powerful game icon will bring winning payouts and additional chances. When appearing on the reels, the Wild will replace other game symbols to create winning combinations out of nothing. The other symbols are a colourful and animated bunch consisting of; various Bars, a Fire icon, an SOS, and a Ship. Since there are limited game symbols, that means they will turn up more frequently on the reels, and in turn, the game itself pays out more regularly than many other similar 3-reel slots. Landing all three Wild Game logos on the reels ensures a payout of 1,000 coins, worth $10,000! And that is with a minimum $10, one coin wager. In the event that the bet was a three coin one, then the prize increases substantially to 4,000 coins worth $40,000!

Swept Away Summary

Swept Away is a rare breed of a slot. It holds the traditional values up high while using the latest technology, design and gaming experiences. The theme is retro and classic, yet the theme still manages to entertain and create a humorous atmosphere which is extremely conducive to wagering and betting. The upper betting limit is agreeably substantial at $30, and players with smaller budgets are sure to enjoy this classic and traditional 3-reel slot based on retro slot machines. These type of games, if crafted well provide an exceptional betting experience and have endured for many years now, in the face of stiff competition from the more advanced and multi-screen 5-reel video slots. Slot machines were not invented to be cinematic masterpieces, but to create a great game wagering experience. Swept Away Slots succeeds where many others have failed, and this is the kind of slot experience that made online gaming what it has become today. Enjoy the pure and real slot machine casino action. Enjoy the pleasure of Swept Away Slots.