Triple 10x Wild Slots

We do love wild symbols, since they go wild for many other icons and sometimes bring along a multiplier to add to the fun, as well. Now, if you feel the same, we'd strongly suggest you take Triple 10x Wild for a spin. This game might feel like some others we've seen and reviewed recently, but it is one of the best we've seen, and that makes it worth trying.

Format of lines and reels

You'll get the absolute minimum of each in play here - three reels and one line for your coin bets.

Coin values chosen

Sometimes, three-reel, single-line games are limited in the coin values shown. However, that isn't true of this game. Instead, you get a chance to play the game with pennies - up to three on the line - or you could increase that hugely to play $10 per coin.

Does Triple 10x Wild include special icons?

Just one cherry is special, as it wins you a prize. Mind you, that's not the most important symbol - far from it.

There are wilds in this game - yep, we mean more than one. One is shown as a 3x symbol and the other appears as 10x. If you get a wild in a winning line, the prize for that line is multiplied by whichever wild has appeared. So, you could win either 3x or 10x the usual amount.

Bonus feature possibilities

There is a big bonus offered here, but it's not a bonus feature. Instead, it's a win you can get with one symbol, one 3x wild and one 10x wild. If this should happen, you'll see the two multipliers combined to produce a 30x multiplier on the appropriate prize.

Now, that makes it worth playing this slot, because that gives you three potential multiplier opportunities from just one wild. We think that's the best fun you can have with a three-reel game!

Play today by downloading Triple 10x Wild now!

The title of this slot has now become obvious, and we suspect you'll want to take a closer look when you find it online. You can play a demo version but the real-money play requires you to bet real cash, bringing the chance to win some major prizes. What could you win with the help of the special wilds in play in this game? Why not try it and find out today?