So… What’s Your Sign?

What other title could we bring you when the name of this slot game is What’s Your Sign? In case you hadn’t guessed, we are talking about star signs, so you can instantly imagine what the symbols are going to be in this game. Get ready to test your knowledge of the zodiac when you play!

Reels and paylines

You get 12 lines to play on when you try this game – very appropriate, considering there are 12 signs of the zodiac. You get the usual five reels in play too, though.

Betting options available for What’s Your Sig


The typical betting options Wager Gaming goes for are included in this game as well. These range from a mere cent per line to $10, so there is some variation on the total amount you can bet, from 12 cents up.

Does the game have special symbols in action?

The sun and moon symbol is the wild and this is capable of bringing home the jackpot of 10,000 coins. You must get five on a line for this to happen.

Unusually, there doesn’t seem to be a scatter in action in this game, although you will find a bonus symbol that is very colorful. More about this in a moment.

Can you find a bonus feature?

The bonus symbol features a wheel with the word bonus underneath it. If you can find three of these on a payline you have enabled while betting on the game, you will win entry into the bonus feature.

You are presented with the zodiac wheel and you need to spin it. Whenever you’re ready, stop it spinning and see where it lands. If you like the prize you have won, stick with it and end the feature. However, if you think you can do better, you can have one or two additional spins to try and sneak in a better prize. If you go to the final spin, you will accept whatever comes up there. It’s down to whether you want to risk it going higher… or lower…

Download and play What’s Your Sign today!

What’s Your Sign is built on a simple premise and you may well enjoy playing this game if you’re into the signs of the zodiac. If you are prepared to give it a try, may you spot the best celestial combinations of stars as you start to play the game.