Could You Really Win a Million?

No doubt that will be the question on your mind when you come across the slot game called Win a Million. With a title like that, we’d be disappointed if this wasn’t the prize on offer. Fortunately, you could indeed have a shot at winning that prize…

Reels and paylines

There are five reels in store for you in Win a Million, but only five paylines are in use. This might surprise you, and it could be good or bad depending on what you’re used to and what your preferences are.

Betting options available for Win a Million

Start betting on each line from a cent a time, and go as high as $5 per line if you want to. That means it’s easy to cover all the lines for just five cents a spin, although you could max out your bet at $25 a time.

Does the game have special symbols in action?

Yes, the old millionaire on the reels is the wild so he can help you towards putting together some prizes. He also guarantees a 5,000-coin payout if you can find five on a line.

Look for the millions symbol as well, because this is the scatter. Now, while two or more will win a prize, you must bet the maximum $5 per line to have a shot at the million-dollar top prize. If you bet this amount and you get five millions symbols on a line, you win a million!

Can you find a bonus feature?

If you can find several suitcases stuffed with money, you can, yes. The suitcase is your ticket into the bonus round but you need three at least to get there. You simply have to make your selection from the briefcases on offer to get your bonus prize for the round.

Download and play Win a Million today!

It’s great to have a shot at winning a million dollars, and it means the name of the game is appropriate and accurate. While few people will win a million, it’s nice to dream it could happen, isn’t it? If you end up having a chance to play this game, consider making the top bet per spin, because this is the only want to have a shot at that big prize. Would it be worth it for you to do this, if you start playing this game to try and win?