3X Wild Cherry Slots

X Wild Cherry is a slot game that feeds on classic symbols and traditional slot machines of the past. The retro feel is a welcome change from the plethora of cinematic located slots populating online casinos today. This game is different. It draws from the best qualities of slot machines to recreate a majestic and worthy addition to any games list. The pull handle sits nicely next to the pay table on the screen, creating an unmistakable Vegas look and atmosphere. The game has a few modern touches which we will look into, and the wagering is uncomplicated and easy to operate. 3 X Wild Cherry Slots is one of those memorable slots that stock in one’s mind long after the game is ended. The game includes a high paying progressive jackpot that boosts the action and fun. There is also a fixed jackpot of 1,500 coins which can be won of games players are betting three coins on the pay table. If betting the maximum coin value, that fixed jackpot could be worth up to $20,000 with a one coin bet, and up to $60,000 if all three coins are wagered.

Betting Options 3X

3X Wild Cherry incorporates some excellent game symbols that add more variety to the reels as they spin their way to victory. The coin sizes combine with the one pay line to create a surprisingly versatile wagering system. The lowest coin size is just 1 cent, and they increase bit by bit to reach a high of $10 per coin. Placing all three coins therefore creates a maximum game bet of $30 per spin. The game buttons allow complete customisation of the wagering, so players can control each and every facet of the betting process. There prominent location on the screen allow for easy access at all times during the game. 3X Wild Cherry Slots offers triple the wagering fun, as three coins placed on the reels leads to massive winning payouts.

Symbols of the Game

3X Wild Cherry Slots is positively loaded with classic symbols. Player will find the 3x Wild Cherry symbol, a Bell, some Cash, Double Bars, Sevens, Single Bars, and Triple Bars symbols. They recreate a magical and traditional gaming experience, which is as enjoyable as it is lucrative. The 3x Wild Cherry symbol is the Wild of the game. Not only will it replace other symbols that lead to wins, but those wins are boosted by a 3x multiplier, making them even bigger! Landing two Wilds will lead to an even better multiplier of 9x the wager amount. There are no other special symbols besides the Wild multiplier, yet the game is rich enough in action and fun, that it doesn’t really need any. It pays out surprisingly frequently, yet modestly, and that increases its appeal. On effect, the game has a higher than average payout percentage that really makes a difference to how often it actually pays out.

Mobile Version

The mobile version of the game is just as impressive as the PC version. For a start, it has been optimised for mobile play. It has also been streamlined to recreate the game excellently on any modern day mobile device. Whether on a tablet, or smartphone, the game ‘s intrinsic qualities will be recreated beautifully and faithfully. The game is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows devices, and the game may be played in Instant Play mode, for added convenience and comfort.


Three times the action is what 3X Wild Cherry Slots provides. A satisfying and enjoyable gaming experience, with plenty of chances to win a payout. The game has a smooth and easy wagering process and it creates a reasonably high upper bet of $30 per spin, while not forgetting novices. They can penny wager on the game. The mobile version gives players another welcome option, with all the advantages the medium offers gamers. The Wild multiplier feature offering a minimum of 3x the wager is another positive aspect of the game. The jackpot amount is a high figure, and the chance of winning it is always there. To put is quite simply, 3X Wild Cherry delivers a killer punch of a gaming experience with multiple winning opportunities. Most of all, the game is fun and entertaining to play, rewarding players who stick it out for longer. Enjoy the magical qualities of a classically themed slot that is 3X Wild Cherry Slots, and experience the excitement of winning!