Dragon Master Slots

If you haven’t played a slot game with dragons in it before, you probably haven’t been playing for long. They appear in all forms, from fun little cuties to fearsome fire-breathing entities, and most software providers have put them to work at one point or another.

Now, we have the Dragon Master game to review from Wager Gaming, and while it is hardly a new title, it is a good one to try if you haven’t already.

Format of lines and reels

Wager Gaming used the 25-line, five-reel layout quite a lot over their earlier years, and still do today. It’s in play here, too.

Coin values chosen

Another thing you will often find in Wager Gaming titles is a selection of coins between a cent and ten dollars in value. So, you won’t be surprised to see them in action here, as well.

Does Dragon Master include special icons?

The game title talks about the dragon master, and the slayer turns out to be the substitute here. The slayer won’t replace the scatter, which isn’t a dragon, but instead is a mystical orb.

Bonus feature possibilities

If you can locate at least three of the orbs scattered on the reels in a spin, you will receive 10 free games. If you win prizes during the free games, they will all be doubled from their usual values, thereby giving you a shot at winning a good amount. There is also a possibility of triggering the bonus again, so you could be in line for another 10 free spins if your luck holds.

Play today by downloading Dragon Master now!

Dragon Master is more about the slayer than the dragon, but it is a good slot and one that perhaps puts a different spin on the theme, which is always nice. Wager Gaming has developed its game creations a lot since these early days, but it is still nice to go back and play these other titles from time to time. If you do, you will be able to play Dragon Master to see how these slots were played back then.

This may not ever be a favorite game, but it does have lots to offer, and the chance of winning some free spins is always nice, too. See whether you like it and what it could bring you in prizes today.