La Cucaracha Slots

When you want to let loose and do a little dancing of your own, then La Cucaracha slots have what it takes to get your feet moving. You can be sure to check out all that comes with the game when you go inside and see the bonuses, the fun and the large payouts that come with the game when you pull the reel and check it out for yourself. It can be just that fun to pull and play and win!

On this hot, hot game, you're taken to the desert lands where there is a band and many bonuses awaiting you. You can keep pulling the lever to find out if you're going to win something or you can walk away. For your sake though, you want to keep dancing since the prizes only get better from here.

What Symbols Will Have You Dancing?

There are many symbols that come with the slot machine, so you want to make sure that you know what to expect when it comes time to play. Tequila worms, tacos, maracas, chilis, cockroaches and a wide assortment of other Mexican symbols.

They're all there for you to make use of during the time you pull the lever to the time you get that winning combination that is going to pay out. Make sure to check out the hot chilis, since these are the wilds and the cockroaches are the scatters. You have 225 different line combinations that you can win from when it comes to dancing with Mexico and being paid out in big cash.

Bonuses with La Cucaracha

The red chili is what you want to get the most from since the prizes that come with it are just as hot. If you get 3 of them, then you can triple your earnings. Tacos and maracas are even able to pay out quite a bit if you land on them. The tequila worms are going to pay out up to 5,000 coins! You want to land on one of those!

The chili is able to also open the bonus feature that provides you with a bonus game. You will go to a fairground where they have you choose 3 chili stands and this determines your rank on the meter. This also shows how much your bet is going to be multiplied. The cockroach can multiply your total bet and they can also open another free game feature that gives out 10 free games, with double the prizes.

When it comes to dancing out of there, you can make sure to get the most from all that is being provided. Make sure to put some decent sized bets down, since you want to make sure that you win big each and every time you hit those winning combinations. If you're ready to put your dancing shoes on, then grab the maracas and head out for a good time!