Safari Slots

Safari slots will take players on a virtual Safari trip into the deepest realms of the animal kingdom rarely see before by man. Safari has clear and easy to use controls, that are based on the wagering, on the centrally located 5-reels and 25 pay lines. No Safari would be complete without feral wild animals, and they are here aplenty! From the ferocious tiger to the king of the jungle, the lion, along with a host of other animals. There is even a park ranger which is also the Scatter of the game. The game has a mobile version that stands alongside the PC version, so players get to choose their preferred option. The theme takes players deep into the heart of the untamed and dangerous jungle. But fear not, there are friendly animals to accompany the fierce ones.

Animal Safari Betting

The wagering process Safari uses is a clear and accessible system. There are the 20 pay lines and 5-reels, where all the wagering action takes place. They combine with the multiple coin sizes. They start off at just $0.01, riding thus, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $5.00, and up to a high limit of $10.00 per coin, which creates a broad spectrum of wagering options. The minimum is just $0.25, assuming all pay lines are utilised. The maximum limit shoots to a very high $200 per spin! This wide variance is sure to attract high rollers as well as novices to the game.

Jungle Fever Symbols

There are a number of engaging and interesting icons that appear on the reels during gameplay. Players will be pleased to see a symbol with a pair of binoculars and photo camera depicted on it. There is a jeep for exploring the wilds, and the remainder of the game symbols are wild animals of the jungle. They include species such as; a Cheetah, a Deer, a huge Elephant, a tall Giraffe, the king of the jungle; the Lion, a cheeky Monkey, a talkative Parrot, a fierce Rhinoceros, and beautiful horse like Zebra. They all add colour and humour to the wagering action and create a great contrast with the seriousness of the game and high stakes.

Safari Bonus Game Feature

There are two Scatter symbols represented within Safari. They are the Camera and the Ranger symbols. Landing a minimum of three of them on the reels leads to the activation of the bonus round. The Camera Scatter will need to land on reels 2, 3 and 4. Once the bonus round is activated, plates are faced with several locations on the screen. They will need to choose one, at a time. Each one contains either a paw mark or one of the animals of the jungle. Getting the paw print signals the end of the bonus round. Picking animals increases points and ultimately high cash payouts as well. Each time an animal is found under the location, the player progresses to the next pick. There are four levels with cash prizes awarded at the end of each, of an animal symbol is found, of course.

Wild Jeep Safari

If the Wild Jeep lands on the reels, players are in for a pleasant surprise. The Wild will replace standard game symbols into winning ones with potentially high payouts. It cannot replace the Scatters, however. Nonetheless, the round does provide extreme entertainment and tremendous potential to earn a hefty payout.

Safari Free Spins

The second Scatter of Safari is the Ranger symbol. Landing a minimum of three Ranger Scatters on the reels triggers the exceptional Free Spins. There are a potential 35 winning combinations, and all these wins come with a 3x multiplier that can boost the payouts. Players receive 15 Free Spins at the beginning of the free spins round, and they come with a2x multiplier. This round is a strong addition that can increase the value of the payouts.

Mighty Animal Jackpot

The Safari Jackpot has the power to be a life changer as it clocks in at a high $100,000! That consists of 10,000 coins at the maximum coin value of $10. The jackpot is won by landing all five of the Jeep symbols on the reels. The probabilities of claiming the jackpot increase if players are betting the maximum coin value on all 20 pay lines. Of course, as long as players bet on all the pay lines, they are in with a chance. Betting the lowest value coins on all the pay lines still wins a bet of $100, with a stake of just $0.25.

Safari on Mobile

For fans of mobile gaming, there is a super streamlined mobile version of the game at hand. It has been modified and optimised to function flawlessly on modern mobile devices. Android and iOS tablets and smartphones are compatible and will bring out all the best qualities of the game, especially the round chances graphics. Safari Slots can be downloaded to the mobile device or the PC. Then there is the option of using Instant Play mode for extreme enjoyment, convenience and freedom to play round ghost having to wait.

Verdict of Safari Slots

The lively animals add much joy and fun to Safari Slots. The theme is entertaining and immersive with great wagering possibilities. The spectrum of betting options is second to none, and all players can enjoy the game. The jackpot is the leader of the unique features. Then there is the bonus round and the free spins. The Wild feature adds that missing ingredient and the game is complete and comprehensive. The mobile adds another dimension for players, and overall the casino action starts at the beginning and never ceases. Safari is a pretty fast-paced game. Go on a Safari trip with the wild animals, ranger and his Jeep into the wild jungle and go for the jackpot!