The Right Prize Slots

If you're looking for the prizes out there that you can grab with your hands and take home, then make sure to check into the Right Prize slots. This is where you're going to find a lot of action and a lot of prizes that are waiting for you. Make sure that you make the most of it in the end when you use them for the prizes, the slots and so much more.

This 5 reel, 25 pay line slot machine welcomes one and all to come and play with them. They want to make sure that you have the right amount of fun and of course, bring home the right amount of prizes when the time comes. This can be done through the use of their slot machine that has it all and so much more for you to make use of.

What Prize Symbols Await You

You need to know what symbols you're likely to find within the Right Prize slots and they're able to provide you with an idea of what to expect. Just like a game show, you can see the announcer, the large yachts, the screens with lights, the audience and even the ladies. Just like your favorite game show, this one is going to take things to the next level.

The Right Prize symbol is the wild symbol for the game, the door symbol is the scatter where all of the prizes are hidden behind, the wheel that is spinning is the bonus symbol and if you can get three or more door symbols in a pay line, then you can be sure to cash out on some awesome benefits.

Extra Games and The Right Prizes

The right prize for this game is going to be able to win big each and every time you spin the reel. This is something that you want to make the most use of. Getting three of the doors means that you get free rolls and when you win on these free spins, then each of the wins that you get is tripled. The player can also get more free spins while playing on the free spins.

There are a few different bonus games that can be triggered when you land on three or more wheel symbols. You will activate either Pick a Prize, Spin to Win, Chip Drop or the Right Prize. Each one has a specific way to play and they will show you how. From there, you can find the many prizes and winnings that are waiting for you there.

If you're ready to go to the game show, then here is your chance to do so. You can be sure to cash in on all of the bonuses that await you. You should be able to get more out of the games you play and with the Right Prize, you can be sure you do!