Can You Scoop a Share of the Gladiator’s Gold?

Some slots are pared back to the basics, and while there is nothing wrong with that, it can sometimes go too far in that direction.

Gladiator's Gold, from Wager Gaming Technology, does go in this direction. There is a hint of background here, albeit a basic one, with what looks like an arena in view. Is this where the gladiators fight? It seems so. And on the reels you'll find plenty more hints of where we are in history.

Reels and paylines

This isn't the first five-reel game WGT has come up with that uses just five lines. It is, surprisingly, more detailed than the other example though (English Harbour, for those who want to try it).

Betting options available for Gladiators Gold

WGT uses a variety of coins here that will appeal to all players. One-cent line bets are possible with that value coin, making a five-cent minimum to play every line available. The $10 maximum delivers a top bet of $50, which isn't too bad.

Does the game have special symbols in action?

Let's look at the paytable to find out. We've got a gladiator's helmet as the top-paying symbol, delivering 1,000 coins if you get five on a single line. The lion is second best with 500 coins for the same result. While there are other symbols to look for, including swords and shields, the arena and a chariot, there isn't a wild here. There's no scatter either, which is a disappointment.

Can you find a bonus feature?

You might already have guessed this slot doesn't have a bonus feature. This is as basic as it gets, and that means you have little else to worry about (or be excited to see) other than the basic symbols in the game. That could be good or bad depending how you look at it, and how complex you like your games.

Download and play Gladiators Gold today!

Well, this game is basic, there's no denying that. So, it depends whether you like this kind of thing or whether you want more from your games as to whether you'll play it or not. It's good for a time, but we can't see anyone playing it for very long. The prizes are reasonable if you play the top bet and get one of the better prizes, but what are the odds of doing that?