Trick or Treat Slots

Trick or Treat Slots
Everybody loves Halloween. The kids, adults, and even the elderly. It is a magical, spooky celebration that is eagerly awaited all year long. Trick or Treat Slots successfully blends the mystery and intrigue surrounding Halloween, and churning out this creepy, yet humorous slot game. There are 3-reels and one single pay line. The coin sizes vary considerably from penny wagering to a high of $30 per spin. The game symbols are all connected with Halloween in some manner or other, and the game is easy to control, and pleasurable to play.

Magic Potion Theme

The reels are superimposed upon a scary backdrop full of creepy items and dark corners. There are also traditional elements such as slot handles, raised game buttons, and integrated pay tables, just like the old time Vegas slot machines. Right on top of the reels, the Witch is glaring out of the screen, as if daring players to challenge her magic powers. And magic powers she does have, since she is a Wild Witch! There is a delicious pumpkin bonus round, which is another feature not generally found on 3-reel slots; this adds another dimension to the game and along with the Wild, create the main chances to win a hefty payout.

Witchy Symbols

The symbols used on Trick or Treat Slots are what make the game stand out from the crowd. With a mixture of classic slot symbols such as single and triple Bars icons, along with more dramatic Pumpkins, Candy Bars, a wicked looking Cat, and the Wild Witch herself! There are also gravestones, jewels and similar fare on offer. The symbols blend in with the overall atmosphere and theme beautifully to combine on the reels during gameplay. They add a touch of humour, colour, and variety. The graphics are top-notch, capturing the essence and intrinsic qualities of the game.

Betting - Trick or Treat?

With a fine and comfortable to use betting system, the game flows fast and furiously along. The betting is upon the one pay line, where the 3-reels capture the symbols and their winning ways. The variety of coin sizes is impressive. They start out at just 10 cents, rising bit by bit to reach a top coin value of $10 each. It is permitted to place one, two, or three coins upon the pay line, thereby creating a maximum bet of $30 per spin, which is quite high. The betting range is satisfyingly broad, so all types of players can get involved and enjoy the fun according to their bankroll. The whole process is controlled by using the intuitive game buttons located at the base of the screen, nice and big so they cannot be missed. They afford players with the tools to change the coin sizes, amounts on the pay line, and every aspect of the wagering. A welcome addition to the game control buttons is the AutoPlay function, which is not generally found on 3-reel slot games. It allows players to set up a fixed number of automatic spins which will stop once there is a winning payout. It adds convenience, especially if betting the minimum amount of 10 cents per spin. There is additionally the option for players to try out the game for free, using the practice mode, which will undoubtedly allow players to become familiar with it before betting real money. It is a useful function that should not be neglected.

Special Features: Wild Witch

Unlike most, this slot dares to be different by including a few unique features to spice up the game. The Witch is the Wild and replaces other symbols when she turns up on the reels. She also adds a 2x multiplier when forming part of any winning combination. The animated witch will make players smile, and if she favours the most, she can make them rich! So she is not so wicked after all! If two Wild Witches are involved in a win, the multiplier shoots up to 4x the wager!

The Bonus Pumpkin

The other distinctive feature Trick or Treat serves up is the exceptional Bonus Pumpkin round. It is activated randomly, as long as all three coins are being wagered, whatever their value. Once enabled, a Pick N Win game loads up onto the screen, on top of the reels. Players have to choose from a number of options that appear magically on the screen. It is mostly a potluck game, but a welcome addition nonetheless. It will award lucrative instant prizes to players and adds quality entertainment.

Summary of Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat has many positive attributes that make it stand out proudly from the crowd. Worthy of a special mention is the high paying jackpot which can award players with a maximum payout of $24,000, providing all three of the maximum coin value are placed in the pay line. The other distinctive feature adds even more thrills to the overall game flow. They too can enrich players’ balances in an instant, which increases the intensity of the game. It would be a perfect crime not to try out this slot. It has magic powers that can provide a monumental payout and a thrilling and speedy gaming experience on 3-reels. And it works like a well-oiled sports car; fast, dangerous and exciting, as a potential win could be just around the corner!