Coconut Grove Slots

Coconut Grove is a classic and traditional slot with 3-reels and one pay line. The theme is replete with fruity symbols, and a paradise background with palm trees and clear blue skies. The reels are superimposed onto this gorgeous scene to complete the heavenly and atmospheric theme. Despite the one pay line, Coconut Grove can reward players with a massive payout of $125,000. There are no bonuses or free spins, neither are there any special symbols; nevertheless, the game serves up a splendid and satisfying gaming experience with bountiful payouts and lots of excitement. Let’s experience the Caribbean theme and bright blue sky screaming out of the screen at us first hand, and delve into Coconut Grove Slots.

Caribbean Coconut Theme

The sun is shining brightly, and the clear blue sky beckons invitingly. The palm trees are beautifully positioned under the reels along with Coconut trees full of fruit. The pay table is conveniently located in the top corner of the screen, so it can’t be missed. The tropical theme envelopes the gameplay meticulously and immerses the player deep into the game.

Tropical Symbols

There aren’t many symbols used on Coconut Grove Slots, which works as an advantage. The fewer the symbols, the more frequently they will appear on the reels, and the more frequent the payouts. They include; a Casino Logo, a Coconut, some Palm Trees, and the blazing hot Sun. The Coconut cocktail icon is the one to watch out for as it is one of the two Paying symbols. The symbols add a touch of humour and bucketloads of excitement when the right ones land on the reels. The symbols combine with the wagering to provide a virtual cocktail of casino fun and slot game magic in a traditional setting.

Wagering Options

Coconut Grove is a slot that thrives off pure and straightforward casino action, which is incorporated within the game’s DNA! The betting process is easy to use and can be controlled with the user-friendly game controls, conveniently located on the screen, below the reels. The gambling action takes place on the 3-reels, along with the one pay line. The coin sizes provide the spice and variety of betting options. The lowest coin value is $0.10, and the values rise bit by bit like so; $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $5.00, up to a max of $10.00 per coin. This creates a maximum betting limit of a substantial $50 per spin. Players can place as many as five coins on the pay line, thereby forming the maximum betting limit. The slot is pretty versatile, as it provides penny betting along with a reasonably high upper limit of $50.

Jackpot Magic

Coconut Grove Slots has a good jackpot amount that players have a chance of winning. To be in with a sporting chance of winning the full jackpot of 2,500 coins, players will need to be wagering maximum coins and at the maximum coin value. The prize can be activated at the end of each spin. The jackpot pays out substantially, no matter how many coins are placed. Using four coins gains 2,000 coins. Three coins get a payout of 1,500 coins, two gains 1,000, and just one gains a 500 coin jackpot bonanza payout. The cash value of the 2,500 jackpot is a high $125,000! Calculated at 2,500 multiplied by $50, the line bet with all five coins upon it. The higher the bet amount, the higher the chances of winning the top jackpot payout as the probabilities improve.


The structure of Coconut Grove Slots is traditional and simplified in comparison to many other slots. The theme is pleasant and immersive, making one feel they are in the thick of summer on a tropical desert island somewhere in the Pacific. The style and design are appealing, and the graphics deliver a fulfilling casino atmosphere and experience. The symbols are a good fit with the game and provide the action upon the spinning reels of luck and fortune. Factoring in a smooth and diverse wagering experience and you have a real winner in hand. Try out the beauty and satisfying slot that is Coconut Grove, and welcome to paradise.