Gold Rush Slots

Welcome to the Wild, Wild West and the Gold Rush. The slot is a beautifully designed and themed casino game with a western cowboy look and feel. There are 3-reels and one pay line at players’ disposal for betting purpose. Furthermore, the wagering process is far better than most 3-reel slots, rising up to a high maximum limit of $75 per spin! The theme is based on the famous California Gold Rush of the 19th century. Everyone flicked there to try their luck at finding gold and getting rich overnight. Gold Rush Slots captures the fever and incorporates it into this gem of a slot, with a traditional and classic theme that would appeal to most slot players. The game offers players a nostalgia trip down memory lane, to the slot machines that first started to spring up across the United States like mushrooms. The symbols fit into the theme beautifully and since there are only four of them, they appear on the reels and pay out more frequently than most slots.

Playing and Controlling the Game

Controlling the game is an easy and intuitive process, with the game control buttons located conveniently on the screen for super quick access. The game produces a whirring, humming sound as the reels spin, creating an incredible atmosphere akin to being in a land casino. Each time a player wins any kind of payout, the sound changes to that of a guitar, the added dramatical effect. The whole experience is a pleasant and enjoyable experience, without the usual bonuses, free spins or Scatters. There is one special symbol, the Wild. It makes all the difference and has the potential to reward players handsomely and lucratively.

Betting and Payouts

The betting system employed in the game is easy to control and set. The simplicity of design and clarity of the layout means the wagering is an intuitive process. The 3-reels and one pay line combine well together and are joined by the coin sizes which are; $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $10.00, $2.00, $5.00, up to a high of $25.00 per coin. Up to three coins may be put into the pay line. The maximum bet rises to a high $75 per spin consisting of three $25 coins on the pay line. This higher than usual limit would attract certain high rollers who prefer a more traditional slot experience. Novices can use the lowest coin denomination of 10 cents pe spin, so everyone’s happy! The whole betting process is ably controlled with the designated game buttons located right below the reels on the screen for quick and easy access. Landing three Gold Digger icons on the reels will creates a winning payout of 400 coins, worth up to an astonishing $10,000 if betting the maximum coin value of $25.

Symbols and Features

The game symbols are all classic ones with bronze, silver and gold Bars, Cherries, Gold Nuggets, Pick Axes, and lucky Sevens all making an appearance on the reels. Expect to see Bags of Cash and Sieves. The Gold Digger icon is the special game symbol; the Wild. As it turns up on the reels, it replaces other symbols and configures winning combinations and high payouts. Three Wilds will gain a 400 coin payout, so watch out for that Wild icon, it could be a real game changer. That’s not all! If one Wild lands on the reels, it gifts players a 2x multiplier with any winning payouts. Land two of them, and that multiplier increases to 4x the wager! The inclusion of this one special feature makes all the difference and adds immeasurable value to the game.


Gold Rush has all the classic casino slot attributes. The symbols are all representative of slot machines as they were. The game serves up a sumptuous and engaging gameplay with a superb theme. The wagering is better than most other slots of this nature. The high payout helps to add excitement and the special symbol; the Wild adds that extra magic touch to the otherwise straightforward game flow. The high wagering limit is another positive aspect of the game, as it will attract another kind of player besides novices. The slot is a real and genuine casino game with bright and clear graphics, intense sound effects and a clear layout. Playing Gold Rush Slots is a great way to be entertained with multiple chances of winning a payout in the process. Go for Gold with Gold Rush Slots and find the hidden gold deep down the mine. The Gold Digger Wild is there to help.