Holiday Feast Slots

Players can celebrate Thanksgiving in style now, with this grand slot called Holiday Feast. Featuring 3-reels and one pay line, the game nevertheless creates massive action and excitement. With a decidedly Thanksgiving theme, Holiday Feast Slots has a brilliant wagering system, and the atmosphere the game manages to generate is amazingly original and refreshing. The symbols are all taken from the founding fathers and the origins of Thanksgiving. They include staples like the Turkey meal to celebrate traditionally. The other game icons are similarly themed and as colourful and animated. Holiday Feast Slots can be played on a PC, or even downloaded to a mobile device. There is, therefore, a streamlined mobile version of Holiday Feast Slots which delivers an exceptional gaming experience. Let’s see what Holiday Feast has to offer, shall we?

Reflections of the Past

Holiday Feast Slots takes players back to the beginning, to when Thanksgiving started. The symbols of the bygone era still resonate in society today. The game icons that are used reflect this, and players will find gems such as the Turkey mentioned above symbol, traditional Carrot Cake, a period Pilgrim’s Hat, a Leaf and a few Bars for good measure, and to keep things grounded in a casino setting.

Holiday Feast Bonus Round

Holiday Feast does include a few unique features such as a Wild. There are no free spins, alas, yet the high paying, fixed jackpot makes up for that loss. With a maximum payout of $24,000, the prize is worth looking into. The Wild is represented by the Pilgrim’s Hat icon. Whenever it appears on the reels, expect it to create wins by replacing secondary symbols that form winning combinations. It also awards players with a 2x multiplier given out with any wins of one Wild appears. Landing two of them gives out a splendid 4x multiplier with winning payouts! The Holiday Feast Bonus Round is activated when the Turkey Bonus symbol lands on the reels. During the bonus round, players are given Thanksgiving prizes which they will need to pick from a group displayed on the screen. There are cash awards and gifts placed there and its a game of potluck. It still manages to create a casino with an ambience and atmosphere.

Holiday Wagering at Thanksgiving

Wagering on Holiday Feast is an easily controlled process. The intuitive and extremely easy to use game buttons are located precisely on the screen so players can access the game quickly and manage the wagering. The coin sizes blend with the one pay line and 3-reels to create the wagering options. The coin sizes are as follows; $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $5.00 and they reach a maximum of $10.00 per coin. $30 is the maximum bet, created by placing three coins on the one pay line.

Jackpot Madness

Three Turkey symbols landing on the reels will win players the Jackpot of an astonishing $24,000! Or 2,400 coins. To qualify for the jackpot, players will need to be betting the maximum coin amount to three. Betting the minimum coin values also qualifies for the jackpot, as long as three coins are wagered. The bet would amount to just 30 cents, and the jackpot win modes, yet satisfying. Betting maximum coin values is a good idea if players are aiming to win the jackpot, as it increases the chances of winning the big payout.

Mobile Holidays

Holiday Feast has a great mobile version of the game. It is an entirely optimised and streamlined version and works smoothly on most of the tablets and smartphones found on the market today. The game can be played in Instant Play mode or downloaded to the mobile device (or PC/Laptop). The former allies players to click on the game and start playing without having to wait or download. It is the latest and greatest method to play slot games on a mobile device.


When one considers everything, Holiday Feast and its Thanksgiving theme provides a unique, 3-reel slot game for all players to enjoy. The betting is wide-ranging enough to interest most discerning players, and the theme is a lovely take on the Pilgrims and founding fathers. The mobile version is a welcome addition, as many 3-reel slots are not available for mobile gaming. The symbols, although only limited, add a nice touch and exciting and immersive atmosphere. The game pays out frequently, and with patience and calm, there is no reason why any player cannot win that $24,000 jackpot! Go for it. Try out a refreshing and exciting slot experience which rewards players with generous payouts and high octane entertainment and casino adventure! Discover the magic of a 3-reel slot with a difference. Discover Holiday Feast slots and hit the jackpot.