Liberty 7's Slots

Welcome to Liberty 7s Slots, the land of the free and brave! The US of A was built on the foundations of freedom, liberty and justice for all. The Liberty Bell is a real symbol of the values of the USA. A symbol of freedom, and in this game a symbol of richness and big payouts. The other great symbol of America is the glorious Statue of Liberty donated by France to the USA many years ago, and standing still at the entrance to the port in New York. Liberty 7s can be played on a mobile device or the PC, which is a definite advantage.

Symbols of Liberty & Wagering

Liberty 7s has a few engaging and exciting game symbols that appear on the reels during gameplay. They include the Liberty Bell, double and triple bars, red, white and blue triple 7s, and there is an ‘any blue’ and ‘any seven’ and ‘any bar’, as well as a strange blank icon! The game icons are all symbolic of the USA and its values. They blend seamlessly into the majestic theme and immediately atmosphere. The wagering goes hand in hand with the symbols. They take place upon the 3-reels, and one pay line, and are accompanied by the coin sizes, which range from $0.10, rising incrementally, like so; $0.50, $1.00, $5.00, up to a maximum of $10 per coin. The minimum bet is $0.10, with the upper limit reaching $30.

Payouts & Combinations

The game pays out frequently yet modestly, which keeps the game exciting and keeps players engaged. Landing any two similar symbols on the reels ensures a modest payout. The game has a high top payout of 10,000 fixed coins, which is in fact, the jackpot, which can be won by landing three red, white and blue triple sevens on the reels. The payout in cash terms amounts to an astronomically high figure of $100,000, comprised of betting the maximum coin value of $10, and three coins on the single pay line, and this consists of the maximum betting limit. If players are only betting two coins, the payout is a respectable 4,800 coins, worth $48,000! Not bad for a second highest payout! Betting just the one coin, yet still, at maximum coin value, the player can expect a lavish, third highest payout of 2,400 coins, or $24,000!


The theme of Liberty 7s is a breath of fresh air and an excellent accompaniment to the wagering process and Las Vegas-style gameplay. The slot is seeping into tradition and action, which mingle together to come up with the finished product, which of Liberty 7s. The symbols, although not plentiful, are all valid and engaging, adding to the intense game flow, which is pretty fast-paced. Players who do not want to bet a lot, or have a small bankroll can still enjoy all the beauty and features of Liberty 7s, including a shot at the jackpot. A 10 cent minimum bet can still gain a good jackpot payout, especially if three coins are wagered, at the cost of 30 cents a spin. The excitement is all there, and the frequent payouts reward loyal players who stick it out and persist at the game. It creates a unique take on the significant symbols and values of the United States of America. Players get to learn a bit of basic history while wagering on the fabulous system the game employs. The traditional values of the USA are blended with the classic slot features and machines that partly made the USA what it has become today. Enjoy a glorious and entertaining journey into the heart of American culture, and enjoy the wagering action and adventure Liberty 7s provides. Go for the magical jackpot and the $100,000 bonanza could be on the way to your bank account!