Monte Magic Slots

Classic slots are always a lot of fun to play, but some are more magical than others. If you spotted the title of the game and the pun we’ve just indulged in (please forgive us!), you’ll have an idea of the symbols that come into play in this game.

Will you enjoy having a spin on Monte Magic, and if so, what could you win for getting involved?

Format of lines and reels

Classic games always feature just three reels and only the one payline, so you will instantly recognise the format that is presented to you when Monte Magic is ready to play.

Coin values chosen

You can find a coin value here to suit your budget, no matter what it might allow you to play. A penny a time is a possibility, as is a $10-dollar bet at the opposite end of the coin options.

Does Monte Magic include special icons?

You won’t find a scatter in use in the game, but that is quite usual with a three-reel slot, especially when only one payline is involved. You will find a substitute symbol in the shape of a top hat, which is worn by many classic magicians. This brings two possible multipliers, depending on whether you get one or two wilds in the payline.

If you should receive one as part of a winning combination, it brings a multiplier of x2. Two wilds mean you increase your multiplier to x3 for your prize.

Bonus feature possibilities

You’d expect us to say a quick ‘no’ here, before moving on to the next section. But there is a bonus feature and there is another symbol that can trigger this. Look for the magician’s fluffy rabbit, which appears in his hat. If this appears on the reels, you will go to another screen.

Here you will see 12 playing cards. You can choose three of them from the selection, so take a moment and make your choice. You are then presented with those three cards and you must choose one to find out the prize you win for the round. You’re guaranteed a prize, but how much will it be worth?

Play today by downloading Monte Magic now!

Monte Magic is a pleasant surprise, and a nice game to try if you usually play larger games with lots of reels and lines. It’s a winner, in our book!