Red White and Win Slots

What a fantastic theme for a casino slot game! The colours of the American flag and some landmark symbols of American culture grace the game beautifully and gracefully. The theme serves up an artistic masterpiece, with American icons and Red, White, and Win symbolism everywhere. The wagering is a splendid affair, offering players variety and simplicity at the same time, to come up with a unique wagering process and a broad range of bets. There are 3-reels, with one pay line on offer for wagering. With just one coin size, there is no confusing the betting, although three coins can be put on the pay line. The game also offers a massive progressive jackpot, which makes a nice change, and is a welcome addition. There are no unique casino features to speak of; nevertheless, the game creates lots of excitement and casino action.

Betting Options to Win

Red, White and Win Slots has a manageable and intuitive wagering system which is simplicity in itself! With just one coin size, of $2.50, and one pay line, the betting options are admittedly limited; however, this is tempered by allowing three coins on the pay line. Therefore, there are three bets possible. $2.50, with a one coin bet, $5.00 with a two coin bet, and betting all three will set players back by $7.50, and that is the maximum betting limit. The on-screen buttons control the whole process, conveniently placed at the base of the screen for quick and easy access. The game control buttons are self-explanatory and extremely easy to use, making the whole wagering process a real pleasure to experience. The highest payout the game offers is a substantial 1,500 coins, apart from the progressive jackpot, of course.

Progressive Jackpot

The highlight of the game is without a doubt, the progressive jackpot. It is the only ‘feature’, and it delivers excellent excitement and anticipation. Betting the maximum coins on the pay line increases the chances of winning it. The jackpot is continually fed as more players wager on the game. It can rise to astronomical heights before finally being claimed by a lucky player. Once claimed, the pot resets to a base amount, and the process starts all over again. Betting two, or one coin can still gain a percentage of the full jackpot amount, that can only be one if three coins are wagered. Two coins win 10% of the pot, and one coin gains a 5% premium. The jackpot symbol is the American Flag icon, so hope that all three Landon the reels, and the jackpot is yours!

Symbols of American Glory

Red, White and Win Slots is packed with symbols connected to North American culture and traditions. The Statue of Liberty and the Bald Eagle, those two iconic symbols of the USA are the highest paying ones. There is an impressive George Washington symbol on a Dollar bill, a mix of colourful Lucky Sevens, and some good old Bar symbols with double bars, triple bars and single bars too. There is also the US Flag symbol. They combine well together to create a marvellous theme full of American glory and beauty.


Red, White and Win Slots is an uncluttered and beautifully laid out game. The design is majestic, as is the American theme. The original symbols blend seamlessly into this perfect picture. The wagering is simple and easy to use, creating a surprisingly satisfying wagering experience despite the limited choice of betting options. The game relies on its own casino action, and there are no special features, nor does the game need any. The main attraction of this exceptional slot game is the extraordinary theme which is wholly immersive and atmospheric. The game pays out frequently, although modestly. Nevertheless, it is fun when even a minor payout is won. Players looking for a more traditional and pure gaming experience have come to the right place, as Red, White and Win Slots provides precisely that. The game flows fast, and the gameplay is frantic and engaging creating a unique 3-reel slot experience. Try it out and have good old fashioned casino fun.