Royal Carribean Slots

Royal Caribbean is a pleasant 3-reel slot game with just the one pay line. The theme is a classical period piece, with intricate beauty and delights, sprinkled with a touch of class! In the court of kings and queens, the wagering action will take place. The theme is a wonderful creation, providing players with an alternative background and a streamlined wagering process, which is not complicated to control. Players will have the unique chance of winning a stately and royal payout, in regal surroundings. The antique decor and Victorian style serve up an unusual, yet satisfying gaming experience. The royal court allows a top bet of $10 per spin, with penny wagering on offer as well. There are no unique casino features to speak of, yet the game makes up for that by paying out more frequently than average, albeit more modestly. Let’s take a look at the monarchy and royal court of wagering, shall we?

Plenty of Symbols and Frequent Payouts

The symbols really make Royal Carribean Slots an easy going and eye-catching game. There are only a few of them, but the ones here are quality creations and beautifully crafted. The different icons include; the Royal Advisor, a Dancer, a Hand, the King, the Court Jester, a Nobleman, and a Rider. A game for noblemen, Royal Caribbean Slots is a classy and exotic game. Speaking of noblemen, three of the Nobleman symbols landing on the reels can earn players up to 1,600 coins, which works out at $16,000! The Jester symbol is up next, taking in up to 150 coins for landing all three. The Royal Advisor gains up to 90 coins for three. The Hand symbol fetched 60 coins for three, and the Horseman gains 30 coins. The Dancer icon pays out least, at 15 coins for three symbols. The Nobleman is the one to watch out for as he leads to higher payouts than all the other symbols put together. The other powerful game icon is the King symbol, and it triggers the jackpot of all three end up landing on the reels.

Regal Choice of Bets

The choice of betting options is surprisingly varied, considering there is only one pay line. However, the coin sizes create the variance. Starting from as little as 1 cent a coin, the values rise incrementally to reach a reasonably high upper value of $10 each. Three coins may be put upon the one pay line, thereby creating a maximum bet per spin of $30. Betting the maximum number of coins activates more features and better payouts than just one coin. Furthermore, betting the maximum coin value increases the probabilities of winning a higher payout.

Controls and Functions

The wagering process can easily be controlled by using the intuitive game buttons. They are all self-explanatory and conveniently located on the screen, so they cannot be missed. Worth mentioning is the convenient AutoPlay button. Players can set from 5 auto spins, all the way up to 500 automatic spins. The turns will stop the moment a big win is registered so that players can savour the moment. If a jackpot is won, the spins will stop immediately as well.

Strategy and Tips

Although there is no sure-fire strategy to win, there are a few basic, but essential steps players should take to improve their chances of winning. Varying the bet amount is one thing that can be done. First bet minimum amounts for three or four spins, then bet three, maximum value coins. Keep varying the amount wagered every four or five spins. After a while, take a break of a few minutes. Start again, using the same system of changing the bets every few spins, from minimum, up to maximum. Keep this up patiently, and the results will speak for themselves.

Exceptional Jackpot Feature

The King icon is another lucky symbol to receive on the reels. Landing all three of them triggers the highest jackpot payout of the game, and even landing one or two of them will lead to a generous payout. Look out for the Jester and Horseman symbols, if they land as well, they bring multipliers along with them!


Royal Caribbean indeed manages to give players an alternative take on slots, with its unusual, yet satisfying betting system, along with an original theme. The symbols add extraordinary adventure and are pleasant to observe as they land on the reels. The game pays out modestly and frequently, yet winning the jackpot takes the payout value into the stratosphere! Royal Caribbean Slots is a gratifying and entertaining game. It provides multiple chances and different ways to win, and it is a fun game with a positive atmosphere. Enjoy the excellence and luxury of a royal experience, with Royal Caribbean Slots. You won’t be sorry!