Treasure Trail Slots

Treasure Trail is a beautifully crafted 3-reel slot with just one pay line and only one coin size. There is a beautiful progressive jackpot built into the game, and the theme is a rich collection of innovative ideas and creative gameplay. The jackpot is continually being replenished as players wager and at the time of writing stood at a high $500,000! The wagering cannot be more straightforward, and yet it works perfectly. The symbols are a lovely creation of variable and various icons specially designed for the game. They add much-needed colour and contribute significantly to the overall effect of the gameplay. Although the layout is pretty basic, the thrills are nothing but standard! The game has a few excellent unique features and exceptional functions. There is a Wild symbol with multipliers and other exciting additions.

Style & Substance

The style of the game is based on traditional slots of the past, and the backdrop reflects this. The background is slot machine design surrounded by other slots. There are loudspeakers, a starting lever, as well as fake coin slot. They form an excellent backdrop for wagering. The game symbols add to the immersive atmosphere, which is a retro and classic one. Players will imagine themselves on a desert island in search of treasure with the help of a treasure map and other tools and clues. Does X mark the spot? We shall see.

Wagering Treasure

The overall wagering experience is a fine one, and exceptionally straightforward. The single pay line can accept three coins. The only coin value available is $2. Therefore, there are three betting choices, one, two or three coins, amounting to $2, $3, or $6 per spin. Betting maximum coin values helps to activate the progressive jackpot and increases the probabilities of claiming a high payout. Landing three of the influential X symbols wins 100% of the jackpot amount of betting all three coins. Betting two coins wins 20%, and just one coin gains 15% of the progressive jackpots, and this goes to show how betting maximum coins can attract better and more lucrative payouts. The betting is controlled by the game button on the screen which permits players to choose how many coins they want to wager.

Special & High Paying Symbols

Several engaging game icons appear upon the reels. They include pirate classics such as; gold doubloons, gold bars, the Jolly Roger, X map markers, sevens, diamonds, skulls and crossbones, parrots, telescopes and of course, treasure chests. The higher paying symbols include the X icon, the treasure chest, with the latter paying out 350, 400, or 500 coins for bets of one, two, or three coins. The skull and crossbones icon pays out between 40 and 50 coins. Landing the X icon brings multipliers with it, and the symbol can replace others to create winning combinations leading to high payouts.

On the Mobile Treasure Trail

Treasure Trail Slots has a fully optimised and streamlined mobile version. The mobile version of the game works exceptionally well on most modern tablets and smartphones. It is compatible with most operating systems including iOS, Android and Windows versions. The game is available in downloadable form, or Instant Play mode for added freedom and convenience, with no waiting and no downloading necessary. The mobile version captures the essential qualities of Treasure Trail Slots creating an unparalleled and superlative mobile gaming experience.

Verdict of the Game

Treasure Trail provides a premium and immersive 3-reel slot experience. The wagering, although not vast, offers great entertainment and a possibility of winning the ever-growing progressive jackpot. The theme is cute and engaging, with the symbols fitting onto the reels perfectly. The mobile version is an excellent companion to the PC version and adds another option for playing the game. The traditional elements of traditional slots have been retained and glorified as they deserve to be. Trying out this classic slot will remind players what it was like to play an engaging casino game without the bombastic and sometimes disruptive unique features. Be keeping the game simple, and the accent is on the wagering.