Win Place or Show Slots

Win Place or Show Slots
Welcome to a day at the races with Win, Place or Show Slots. The game offers a horse racing theme which works. There are 3-reels and one pay line which makes the wagering process a joy to experience. Horse racing has been described as the sport of kings, and it sure shows with this excellent slot game. Just like the real event, players will need to choose the best horse to bet on, and that wins the game. But it is not as straightforward as that! There are obstacles in the way, and other contestants to consider and beat. In players’ favour, there is a progressive jackpot and a fixed jackpot of a cool 1,000 coins, worth a possible $1,500! The progressive jackpot has a ticker that shows when the speed is increased. Let’s take a closer and more in-depth look into the intricacies of Win, Place or Show Slots, shall we?

Racing Symbols

Win, Place or Show Slots is loaded with imagery connected with the beautiful sport of horse racing. The theme is bolstered by the great looking game symbols that turn up on the reels. They include colourful icons such as; Triple Bars, Double Bars, Single Bars, Gold Cups, Jockeys, Horseshoes, Cherries and lucky Sevens. Despite having no unique features apart from the jackpots, Win, Place or Show is a sure-fire winner!

Jackpot Heaven

Win, Place or Show Slots has two jackpots incorporated into the gameplay. The minor jackpot can be activated using the one coin, with its single size of just $0.50. In this instance, players will need to get three Jockey symbols. Depending on the number of coins wagered, starting from two, the prize will match accordingly. Two coins gain 300 coins, and three coins get players a cool 450 coins jackpot. Winning the other jackpot entails landing three Gold Cup icons. A two coin bet wins the pot of 1,000 coins, worth $1,000! One thing is for sure, and the prizes certainly make up for the absence of any unique features. Unless players are betting with three coins on the pay line, the progressive jackpot cannot be accessed.

Wagering at the Races

Win, Place or Show Slots has a comfortable and straightforward betting system. The three reels gather the symbols together to configure the wins, and the one pay line manages the wagering variety. There is just one coin size, which is $0.05. However, players can place one, two, or three coins in that one pay line. The betting has three options, worth 50 cents, $1, or $1.50. Betting maximum coins won’t break the bank, but it will give players a chance of winning the exceptional progressive jackpot, so is well worth doing. There and ten winning combinations that are possible with the symbols that are available, which means that the payouts are more frequent, yet modest. Nevertheless, this does create more new winning payouts.


By keeping things simple, Win, Place or Show Slots works. It takes patience, just like the real sport of horse racing, but the rewards can be tremendous. The main attraction of the game is the inclusion of a progressive jackpot to bolster the winning payout potential. The modest wagering upper limit of $1.50 per spin won’t be of interest to high rollers, yet the game is perfect for newcomers, novices or players with a small budget. Everyone gets to enjoy the pleasures of Win, Place or Show Slots. The symbols add to the thematics and atmospherics of the game, besides gracing the wagering process. The game offers engaging yet straightforward gambling fun and entertainment, yet there is an unmistakable casino feel to the game. The design and graphics work, without being too bombastic or overpowering. The game works on every level and deserves a try. That progressive jackpot is just waiting to be claimed with a low stake of only $1.50!