Admiral's Inn Slots

The Admiral is the crucial character and inspiration behind this beautiful slot called Admiral's Inn. The sea captain is at the Inn of fortune, and the theme revolves around that. There is just one pay line and the standard classic set up of 3-reels. The action and wagering centres around them and the symbols create the colour and excitement. The game offers a good jackpot payout for landing three of the critical Anchor icons on the reels, but more about that later. The sailing themed slot game has a fresh look, and atmospheric backdrop that accompanies gameplay, and the thrills come thick and thin, from start to finish. The old-school layout blends well with the betting action creating an excellent casino experience with minimal features, yet high octane action. Step inside the Admiral's Inn and experience a retro and lucrative gaming experience.

Wagering in the Inn

With a simple and clear layout, the wagering process is straightforward and easy to control. The buttons at the bottom of the screen allow players to customise the wagering and select the coin sizes. The 3-reels and one pay line match with the various coin sizes to create an exceptional wagering experience. The coin sizes are the following; $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $5.00, $10, up to a maximum of $25 per coin. Up to three coins can be placed on the pay line, so betting the maximum coin value brings up the top limit to $75 a spin. This rather high limit is way more than most 3-reel slots, especially those with just one pay line. This fact sets Admiral's Inn apart from its direct competitors. The minimum bet is so minor that any newcomer or novice can take advantage of, yet the upper limit will interest high rollers, so everybody wins!

Watery Symbols and Payouts

There are a few watery symbols and icons that represent the Admiral admirably! These include classic fare such as; an all-important Anchor, Barrels, a Compass, Classic Bars, a ship's Journal, Sea Maps, a fearsome Shark, a Star, and a Ship's Wheel. They are all beautifully crafted and designed to add great eye-candy to the game flow. The symbols appear as of drawn onto the reels for added detail, and they blend into the theme splendidly giving it a nostalgic feel. There are ten winning combinations and possibilities with the game, which is way more than most others of a similar kind. So the payouts come quicker and more frequently, adding endless entertainment while wagering. And the longer one plays, the more evident this becomes as the minor winning payouts start to add up to a substantial sum!

Special Symbol and Jackpot

The Anchor icon is the Wild of the game and can pay out of just one of them land on the reels. It is also the best paying symbol at 1,500 coins for landing all three of them on the reels. This bonanza jackpot is what makes the game all the more interesting. That payout could amount to a high figure of $15,000 if the maximum coin value is used, and an even higher $75,000 if three $10 coins are wagered. It also doubles the payout when it lands on the reels, so in effect, it is acting as a Scatter as well. With a minimum bet, using one coin and the smallest coin size, players can still net a respectable jackpot of $150. However, the probabilities of activating the high paying jackpot are increased with a maximum coin amount and coin size bet. Three 10 cent coins gain a $450 prize.

Summary of the Admiral

After playing Admiral's Inn for a while, the qualities of the game can be fully appreciated. It is satisfying that the payouts are relatively frequent, although modest. The big payout can be gained with higher stakes. The symbols and Inn theme are in keeping with the smooth and easy wagering process. The one special symbol stands on for three. It is a Wild, Scatter and Jackpot symbol, so it is by far the most important and lucrative icon. Admiral's Inn delivers an uncluttered gaming experience with minimal features apart from the Anchor symbol. It is far better for it, as the game provides a pure and realistic slot experience that is unparalleled and incredibly entertaining. Have fun with the Admiral at the Inn of fortune.