Alien Invasion Slots

Alien Invasion Slots
Watch out! There is an Alien Invasion in the casino. This futuristic 3-reel slot game has one crucial pay line and a superb space opera theme! To go where no man has gone before, Alien Invasion Slots is a sure-fire hit. What makes it much more interesting is the massive jackpot of $20,000! The theme is set on a planet, far, far away in the galaxy. There is a really evil looking, tooth worm-like alien right beside the reels. Don’t let that scare you, however. The game serves up a humorous take on aliens and monsters. On the other side of the reels, there is an astronaut with a laser gun in hand, ready for battle with alien creatures and monsters. The astronaut must be distinguished, as he also turns up on the reels as a game icon. For science fiction lovers everywhere, Alien Invasion is just down your street! The theme is enriched with strange space symbols and characters that raise the game up to another level. Creepy aliens ahoy! Here we come.

Alien Symbols in Space

The game icons incorporated into Alien Invasion Slots are a strange bunch! There are only a few of them, but they make a durable and lasting impact. Players will encounter Aliens, a planet Constellation, a space Gun, a Planet and a Spaceship. There are three kinds of alien symbols, one more terrifying than the next. The symbols add a touch of the unexpected and the astounding, as they fit the theme like a hand in glove.

Betting in the Galaxy

Alien Invasion Slots has an excellent wagering system with a top bet limit of a respectable $30 per spin. The coin sizes combine with the 3-reels and the only pay line to create a surprisingly versatile wagering system. The coin sizes start from just $0.10 each, and rise as follows; $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $5.00, and up to a maximum value of $10 per coin. Players have the choice of placing one, two, or three coins on the pay line. The minimum bet is just 10 cents, while the maximum is $30 per spin. The whole process can be regulated using the game control buttons conveniently located on the screen. The game buttons are very clear and easy to work out, making the wagering process easy to control.

Special Space Features

While most 3-reel slots do away with the special features, Alien Invasion bucks the trend, and is better for it. The Space Ray Gun symbol is, in fact, the Wild of the game. It can replace the other symbols and cough up winning payouts. It also awards high payouts on its own. Landing three Wilds pays out handsomely. With one coin, the payout is 500 coins. With two coins, the payout will be 1,000 coins, and landing all three of them will gift players 2,000 coins. With the maximum coin value, that amounts to a high $20,000 for all three. Furthermore, the Wild has another great function. It doubles any wins it is involved with on the reels, and as part of a winning combination and adds thrills. The Wild sets Alien Invasion apart from other 3-reel slot games. By betting maximum coins and the highest coin value, the probabilities of first winning the 2,000 coin jackpot ate increased.

Summary of the Game

The classic layout blends perfectly with the out of this world space theme. The wagering is fluid and reaches quite a high limit of $30. The range of betting is one of the best points of the game, Assel players can enjoy the low and high betting limits. The symbols are cute and fittingly accurate as they mix with the space age theme wonderfully. The whole experience playing Alien Invasion Slots is a satisfying one, and can slowly but surely pay out modestly and consistently. The pleasure of classic slot machines is here in all its retro glory, bringing with it a futuristic and space-age theme that creates a lovely atmosphere, perfect for gaming and wagering. Take that space trip into the deep galaxy, and the Ray Gun jackpot might be yours to keep!