Coral Reef Slots

Let’s take a trip under the waves and through the plethora of flora and fauna, sea creatures of all shapes and sizes. Coral Reed Slots serves up all that and much more besides. There are 3-reels, along with four pay lines. There is a 2,000 coin super jackpot, and lots of fishy symbols. The theme is a crystal clear underwater scene which also appears as the backdrop. The game icons blend perfectly into that theme through their appearance on the reels during regular play. The game has a really smooth flowing wagering system which increases to a maximum limit of $40 per spin. Coral Reef breaks with tradition and has two pay tables instead of just one. The standard paytable is joined by another which shows the number of coins that are being wagered. The two main control buttons are the Spin/Start and AutoPlay buttons, which are accessible on the screen at all times. Let’s five deep into the ocean depths and see what Coral Reef has to offer by way of entertainment and casino action.

Underwater Symbols

The symbols used in the game are a wild bunch of characters. There are some Bar symbols to keep the game grounded. Furthermore, players will encounter other animated symbols including; sea Shells, an Octopus, the Coral Reef game logo, and lucky Sevens. They all combine well to create a submerged atmosphere reminiscent of the sea world. The symbols are not plentiful, and this works to players’ advantage as they land more frequently on the reels, thereby increasing the chances of a winning payout! There are no special symbols, and the game doesn’t really need them. It creates enough gambling excitement without them.

Wagering: Scratching the Surface

Coral Reef has an unusual layout for wagering. There are the 3-reels which are joined by four pay lines. There are multiple coin values at players’ disposal for betting purposes. The coin values are varied and start from a low minimum amount of $0.10 each. They rise incrementally like so; $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $5.00, up to the highest value of $10.00 per coin. The maximum bet is a reasonable $40 per spin comprising of four $10 coins on each of the pay lines. The whole wagering experience is a pleasant one, and the wagering is controlled via the intuitive and easy to use game control buttons. They are conveniently located on the screen for easy access. They allow complete customisation of the betting process.

Coral Reef Jackpot

Despite not having any unique casino features as such, Coral Reef does include a high paying jackpot. It can be claimed by landing three of the Coral Reef logo symbols on the reels. Players will also need to be betting the maximum coin value to trigger the jackpot payout. The prize is 2,000 coins, worth up to an astonishing $20,000! The jackpot can be won after every spin, providing all the pay lines are being utilised for betting. It is still possible to earn a generous jackpot payout with a minimum coin value bet, as long as on all the pay lines. With a 10 cent bet on all four pay lines, amounting to a maximum of 40 cents will gain a jackpot payout of $50.


With its fast-paced flow and straightforward setup, Coral Reef manages to deliver an excellent betting experience. The jackpot is a healthy addition that can be a hand changer at any second, and the wagering rises satisfactorily to $40 per spin, so most players will find the betting process pleasurable. The theme is a beauty and atmospheric to the end, while the symbols are ideally suited to the game. The game does not need gimmicks or bombastic unique features to boost its value, it delivers on its own steam and stands on its own two virtual feet! Yet out a pure and pleasant slot game which is high on fun and creates multiple payout chances.