Island Hoppers Slots

Island Hoppers is a sweet and humorous slot game that will take players from island to island, somewhere in the Caribbean Sea. There are dangers to avoid, and treasures to be found. The game is played upon 3-reels along with three pay lines for wagering. The theme is akin to a holiday on the sun, with the bright blue sea at arm's length. Players will be able to leap from one island to another on a small plane, taking in the beautiful views. Each island may hold a treasure, so the more visited, the bigger the chance of finding it. Players even get to fly the plane, earning their wings as they avoid the perils and dangers of the Devil's Triangle, otherwise known as the Bermuda Triangle! The sound effects create an atmosphere akin to being in a plane, flying over the vast ocean, over beautiful secluded islands and coves. Let's check out the map, the route, and the wagering experience Island Hoppers Slots has to offer. Then we can examine the wagering process.

Wagering in the Plane

While flying the plane, players will have to contend with the wagering process. The three pay lines combine with the coin sizes to create a pretty varied selection of bets. Coin sizes start out at just 10 cents, rising incrementally to a high of $10 per coin. Since there are three pay lines and only one coin per pay line allowed, the maximum bet reaches a respectable $30 a spin. Betting the maximum coin size of $10 increases the chances and probabilities of winning a large payout.

Symbols and Payouts

Island Hoppers Slots has a fluid wagering system that feeds on the game symbols to create payouts. The icons are minimal in number but impressive. They fit into the theme well and create an interesting effect, accentuated by the excellent quality of the graphics. The symbols on offer include various Bar icons, a Casino logo, some lucky Sevens, a Plane, and Flight Wings. The latter is the best-paying symbols, giving out 1,500 coins if three of them land on the reels. The Bar symbols pay out nicely, as does the Plane icon. The theme is rather low-key, yet ideally suited to wagering in harmony!


By keeping things simple, Island Hoppers Slots manages to craft a fantastic experience based solely on the wagering and symbols. There are no bombastic features that take away from the real wagering process and casino action. The highest bet is reasonable, at $30 a spin, yet novices can take comfort in the penny wagering option. The game controls can be accessed immediately from the screen, and they are clearly displayed. Overall, the game serves up a satisfying gaming experience without going over the top with unique features. The game pays out frequently, due to the limited number of game symbols, that appear more often. The game has a bright and pleasant look and feel to it, reminiscent of classic slot machines that started it all. Experience a charming and uncomplicated gaming experience that pays out handsomely and frequently!