Crazy Cherry Slots

Crazy Cherry is a fantastic traditional slot with fruits as the primary reel symbols. There is a single pay line accompanying the 3-reels for wagering purposes and where the action takes place. The game system is pretty straightforward and intuitive. There is no bonus round, free spins or other gimmicks, Crazy Cherry does not need any unique features to create a great gambling game full of chances to win. The game is challenging and engaging, with all the casino action centred around the centrally located reels on the screen. The theme is classic and non-intrusive; instead, it compliments the wagering system. There are only a handful of game symbols that appear on the reels, which is a good thing. It means they turn up more often on the reels, and pay out more frequently. The graphics are sleek and bright, while the stakes can climb high. Let’s see what Crazy Cherry Slots has to offer.

Old School Gaming

The atmosphere that Crazy Cherry manages to create is based on the classic slots of yesteryear, yet with the modern technology of today. The symbols are convincingly realistic and add colour to the game flow. The design of the game and backdrop contain a wealth of classic game features. The background is, in fact, a virtual version of a traditional slot machine. There are the levers on the side and a flashy and bright paytable at the top of the screen. The control buttons are reminiscent of actual command switches on a slot machine. Beyond the slot controls, players will find a casino in the background to add an even more intense and atmospheric theme. The beauty of Crazy Cherry is that it manages to encapsulate the traditional elements of slot machines, and players can feel a palpable tension and real excitement.

Symbols & Cherry Wagers

Crazy Cherry provides a minimal number of game icons, yet the few that are included in the game are indicative of classic symbols and add lots of originality and immersive qualities. The symbols are a collection of single, double and triple Bars, the Crazy Cherry game logo, along with lucky Sevens. These symbols are the keys to a winning payout. The wagering process relies entirely on the 3-reels, one pay line, together with the coin sizes. They provide the ammunition for betting on Crazy Cherry. The coin sizes start off from as little as $0.10, increasing incrementally like so; $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $5.00, with the maximum coin limit being $10.00; this is a pretty broad choice of options starting at just 10 cents per spin. The maximum betting limit is $50, made up of placing five coins on the pay line, worth $10 each. Although there are slots with higher betting limits, this game is exhilarating and the top ceiling is quite high standing at $50 per spin. The command bar on the screen permits players to set the coin values and bet amounts. Betting maximum limits does increase the probabilities of winning a hefty payout.

Crazy Cherry Pay Table & Winning Payout Combinations

The pay table is split into five sections. They represent the potential payouts for betting one to five coins. Players can win a good payout of 500 coins for landing a combination of Sevens. Those 500 coins could be worth a high cash amount of $5,000 if players bet with the $10 coin size. A five coin bet could land players with a win of 5,000 coins if they land three Crazy Cherry logos on the reels. The 5,000 coins are worth $50,000!

Crazy Cherry Jackpot

A great feature that is included is the high paying jackpot. In keeping with traditional slots’ style, the jackpot is an exciting and extremely valid inclusion. The Crazy Cherry symbol will pay out if two of them land on the reels, yet all three will win the casino player the jackpot of 5,000 coins. Once again, betting maximum amounts of coins and the highest coin value attracts better probabilities and chances of winning the jackpot.

Summary of Crazy Cherry

Crazy Cherry is the perfect, no-nonsense slot game that captures the essence of the classic slot machines of yesteryear. Players who regularly play 5-slot adventure games will find Crazy Cherry tame in comparison, yet this type of gaming was what started it all. The game excitement is still there, and the wagering and gameplay blend in with that seamlessly and flawlessly. Crazy Cherry deserves a try for several reasons. Firstly, to understand and appreciate older slots that have influenced the newer ones. Secondly, the game pays out many minor wins, and occasionally the higher ones. The jackpot is tempting, at $50,000, and even a high roller will appreciate that kind of payout. Try out Crazy Cherry and find out what real slots were like, but brought up to date for the present. Discover pure and straightforward gameplay and slot, and you might win that high paying jackpot!