Double Gold Slots

Double Gold is a traditionally themed slot machine with 3-reels, along with a single pay line. The game had classics slot symbols that blend with the classic slot layout and wagering system. There are cherries, bars and sevens along with the Double Gold game logo. This game is mostly a vintage slot which is a throwback to the years when slots were not complicated, and the focus was entirely on the wagering experience, rather than adventurous and thematic, 5-reel video slots. Double Gold is all the better for it, however, as it keeps the wagering at the forefront of the game without distractions from bombastic special casino features that generally fill current and new slots. Playing Double Gold is like walking into a Vegas casino and playing a slot there with all the casino surroundings and atmosphere.

Double the Fun Wagering

The wagering experience is smooth and takes centre stage. There are multiple coin sizes that create quite a variety of betting options. They start with a minuscule $0.10 per coin, and by default per spin. The maximum coin size is a high amount of $10, and a maximum of three coins can be placed on the pay line. Other coin sizes to be found include; $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, and $5.00. That creates a good choice of bets, and there is an acceptable top bet limit of $30 per spin. The variation of betting will surely appeal to newcomers and novices, as they can play for endless hours with a small bankroll, of betting the minimum amount of 10 cents a spin. High rollers won’t be disappointed either. Although the upper limit usually is greater on high volatility slots, yet the temptation of high payouts will attract them to the game as well.

Classic Slot Symbols

The game symbols used are few, yet they appear more frequently on the reels. There are single, double and triple bars, cherries, single, double and triple Sevens. Landing any two symbols will lead to a payout of sorts. The paytable is located on the lower left-hand side of the screen shows exactly how much each combination of symbols pays out. The highest paying symbol is the Double Gold logo, so hope that one turns up on the reels often, and it will work with so few different game icons.

Exclusive Features

Double Gold Slots has a Wild icon symbolised by the game logo. When it appears it also carries a multiplier with it and can lead to gifting players free spins as well. These features blend into the game flow beautifully and comprehensively. Scoring the Double Gold logo on the reels and it will substitute other less important and valuable symbols to create those winning combinations players crave and desire. The feature delivers that in abundance. Landing all three Double Gold symbols on the reels wins players the jackpot of 2,500 coins. They could be worth as much as $25,000 if the maximum coin size of $10 were used. The lowest coin denomination of 10 cents will still attract a juicy jackpot win of $100! If players are betting only one coin instead of the maximum of three, the jackpot payout is 800 coins, worth $8,000! The last option of betting two coins of maximum value attracts a jackpot of 1,600 coins, or $16,000! Landing three triple Sevens icons on the reels gain a healthy and hefty payout of $240, betting three coins.


Double Gold is more than just another 3-reel classic slots. It dares to be different and includes a few special features that blend in well with the overall game flow. The Wild and it’s accompanying multiplier add that extra dimension to the game. The free spins are a welcome addition as well, as they increase the chances of claiming a win. The jackpot is added value and betting maximum coins, and benefit increases players’ chances of winning it. The game has all the attributes that players love. Most importantly, it pays out often, albeit modestly. But there is nothing modest about the $75,000 jackpot! That could be a potential life changer! All in all, Double Gold is a lovely example of great entertainment and casino fun. There are multiple chances to win a payout, and the game is entertaining to play, bringing forth a style that still impresses today. Enjoy a pure gambling experience where the only thing that matters is the fun element and payout potential. Double Gold has both, and double the fun!