Triple Flamin 7's Slots

Lucky sevens pop up in all kinds of slots, more so the classic ones. That should give you some crucial clues to what you can expect in this game. Triple Flamin 7s has a dynamic title, and we would hope this game from WGS Technology can deliver on the gameplay in much the same way, as well. Shall we see if it does?

Format of lines and reels

We’ve mentioned the word ‘classic’ already, and this is a classic clue to the one-line, three-reel game offered here.

Coin values chosen

How do you fancy choosing a coin worth between one penny and $10? That’s the choice you make here, and you can also play either one or two coins on every spin you make.

Does Triple Flamin 7s include special icons?

The title is revealed in the game logo, which appears in an oval shape with the appearance of fire involved as well as the sevens. This is a substitute symbol – something that may surprise you since the game is only a traditional one. If you get one substituting for something else to form a winning combination, it trebles the value of that prize. It’s even better to get two in a winning line, though, because this brings a 9x multiplier with it.

You’ll also win for just one or two wilds on the line, even when they don’t complete a winning combination with other symbols. We think that is a mighty valuable symbol, don’t you?

Bonus feature possibilities

You probably weren’t expecting any bonus elements in this game, so don’t be disappointed to realize there are no free spins or other second-screen elements here.

Play today by downloading Triple Flamin 7s now!

With the help of that wild, there are indeed some wild prizes to be won when you are playing Triple Flamin 7s from WGS Technology for real cash prizes (you can play a demo version too, just to check it out). The substitute can also trigger a jackpot prize of 4,000 coins if you bet two coins on the line and found three wilds in a row to complete the jackpot combination. One coin would still bring you 1,500 coins on that combo, but you can see the benefits of a two-coin bet here.

Give the slot a try today and you’ll find out how beneficial it could be to play it for real.